Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hello Everyone,
It has been a while; in fact about one month has gone by since I last posted. Now that winter is gone, I am dreaming of days like the one in the picture. This was taken when my family and I cruised to Bermuda. I was heavier then, and that is why I am not in the picture.

With summer comes lighter clothes. No more sweaters, long sleeves or jackets to hide the bulges. I have to say one of my favorite articles of summer clothing is Capris. I love that they still hide a lot, yet they are still summery. And just as important, they are in style. No shorts or skorts necessary.

So why all this talk of hiding the bulges? Well, not one more pound has left me since my last post. Not one! Some days, a pound or two is added. Yikes! Fortunately, thet do go away again. I have really stuck to my plan. Even though this plan allows a cheat day, I usually limit it to a cheat meal. I guess I have reached a plateau. I am not sure what the longest record for a plateau is, but it seems that I have been here much longer than a month. It is discouraging, and I must admit I have really slacked off on exercising as a result of this. I know it is the very thing I should probably increase. I have been out walking, but I am kidding myself when I rationalize that it will serve as my exercise for the day. It is not enough to count as a day's exercise. I have decided to hang in there though. With just one adjustment. I have decided to eat fewer carbs than this plan allows. And of course to get back to exercising. Tomorrow. Really. Tomorrow I am going to exercise. Now that I have written it here, I must do it.

 I refuse to think of this as a failure or setback. I truly believe I have made some strides. In the past, discouragement led to a sugar fest. Not now. So that counts for something. I am still drinking more water than before and I am really enjoying some of the healthy meals I have been making. So there has been some change for the better.

That's all for now. As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome. Hope to hear from you.