Monday, July 12, 2010

Starting Over

Hello Everyone,

It has been a few weeks, and a few things have changed. As usual, when you step back and look at a situation, you gain a new perspective. I had gained back some weight, and I was wrapped up in frustration. My focus became very negative.It was all about what I did "wrong." And so the guilt piled on, just as the pounds had.

I decided to go back to the beginning. I would read my first posts, see what my successes were,and start over. The truth is, I never got around to reading my original posts. Partly because I was very very busy this week and partly because I already knew the answer. I am sure, however, that when (not if) I go back and read them, I will find something else that will keep me on the road I need to follow.

 Meanwhile, I decided to stop worrying and blaming. I just started eating the things I know I should be eating. I stayed away from the scale. After an entire week of that, I was too curious. So, today I took a look, and what I saw made me very happy. All the pounds that piled on were almost gone. Only 1 left.

So what I learned from this setback was what I already knew. It just got buried by my need to find more; something else, something new, something better. All along, what I was looking for was right there. I am now back on track, and I am enjoying what I am eating.

I hope all of you are doing well, and as usual, I would love to read your comments. Thanks for stopping by.