Sunday, November 8, 2009

Who's Counting?

This glass of champagne was my downfall. Or maybe it was the glass after this one. Might even have been the one before. I wasn't counting. But in my own defense, I did say I wasn't counting anything anymore. Certainly not glasses of champagne! It was my birthday after all. Did I mention I no longer count the years associated with my birthday?  So while the birthday is celebrated, the years are ignored. No counting! I find that it works very well.

Besides my birthday, my friend Zoraida and I had lots to celebrate. Let's see;  it was Saturday, it was Halloween, and we were free of all obligations for the day. That alone is something to celebrate. We had so much to catch up on; our lives, our work, celebrity gossip. We even discussed dieting and weight loss. Unfortunately for me that is as close as I was to sticking to my food plan for the rest of the weekend. I wonder how many calories are burned by talking?

 Surprisingly,I did not miss one day of exercise. Foodwise, I was derailed. I am back on track now, but I am surprised that I exercised every day. As a result I have switched from my 10 minute workout to Walk Away the Pounds with Leslie Sansone. Leslie said results will be seen if I use her tapes 3 or 4 times a week. I almost immediately opted for the least amount of exertion: one mile  3 times a week. But that will be too many days off. So here I am, the woman who hates exercise with an iron passion, planning to do 1 mile 5 times a week with my original routine as a backup. Leslie's workout is not that easy for me, so it will be a while before I move on to a 2 mile workout. I am very motivated.

As you can see, my initial plan to save exercise for last has been revamped. Partly because, unlike eating, it is a once-a-day activity. The other reason is that while I figure out a plan that I can live with, I am still burning calories.

Thanks for sticking with me. What have you been doing? What works for you? Please post your comments and ideas. See you next week.


gail said...

I love how determined you are with the exercising! Thats great. I need to find something that will work for me! I cant wait to see how well I know you are going to do!! Keep it up, you keep me inspired. luv ya, gail

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Cheers to you! Keep up the good work girlfriend. You're on your way!
bunny hugs,

Mary Patterson said...

Good post, Marie. You are an inspiration and maybe I will join you one day. Got to get this knee working right first, though! Always excuses, eh?
Mary Patterson

Carolee Crafts said...

Congratulations on keeping on track with your exercising. Maybe a slip with the food is allowed now and again. You are inspiring me to join in your quest.

lisa said...


You are an absolute inspiration.

Pale Pink And Roses

Patricia said...

Marie, you surely are committed. Good work! Hope by reading this some of your motivation brushes off onto me!
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Debbie said...

Marie.....I enjoy reading your blog so much! I agree that sometimes we have to revamp our original plans in order to stick with The Big Plan....and I have found that if you are successful in one part of your plan that it encourages you to work harder on the part you are not doing so well on at the moment. As for me, I am walking several days a week...although the idea of getting up and doing it doesn't appeal much of the time, I use your "Do it anyway" approach and once I'm out there, I love the walk! Beau and I are up to 2.5 miles on most days now. I am sorry to say that I am not watching my food intake very well, although I am really not eating a lot of food, just not the right kind sometimes. But I also discovered that the niacin supplement my doctor suggested to help bring my cholesterol down is also helping me metabolize better and I am losing some weight which I attribute to that along with the I guess I am with you on Whatever Works. Good luck to all of us on this journey!