Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yikes! it is working

Hello Everybody,

Today's post is going to be very brief. I have been avoiding the scale even though I have been sticking to my program. I was weighing myself almost every day in the beginning of the week and nothing happened, but Friday was my good news day. Another 2 pounds is gone. In the past, I would have celebrated with a cookie or something, but this time, I just had a cup of coffee.

How has your week been? I hope good things happened for everyone. I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions.


Kath' said...

I am so proud of you loosing another 2 lbs. I am trying really hard to get some pounds off too. It takes forever it seems like to get it off. But, they say when you loose it slow it'll stay off longer. I am glad you treated yourself to coffee. I will try that as well. I usually have a popcycle, they are hardly anything to eat them and its a good treat for me. I am stocked up on the cococnut ones. lol

Mary Patterson said...

WEIGH (Sorry, just couldn't resist!)to go there, girl friend! I'm SO very proud of you. I need to find something to inspire me to do the same! Keep up the good work.
Mary Patterson
Mary's Cottage Treasures

Carolee Crafts said...

Appalling, keep seeing the scales tucked away in the bathroom, know I should get on them but am too afraid. Know I should go on a revised eating plan but have not got hte will power atm. You give me inspiration and I know I should follow your lead. x

lisa said...


Congratulations, that's fantastic!

Cottage Flair said...

Good for you. I've been trying to lose a little too. It's so rewarding as the numbers go down. Keep up the good work (and willpower!).