Sunday, May 23, 2010

Easy On, Not So Easy Off

Hello Everyone,

This has been quite a week. I started over. I really cast all reason and common sense to the winds while on vacation. It was oh so easy to discard my healthy new habits and fall back into my old carb-laden sugar-coated habits. I added 7 pounds as a result.  I did manage to take off 3 of those pounds, but it was not easy. So many times this week I wanted something sweet. I wanted more carbohydrates, more food! I went to bed wanting something to eat. I won't call it hunger; I think it was more of a craving. But not a craving for a certain food or taste. It was more of a craving to feel full. YUCK! Believe me I had enough food to eat.  I still have no regrets. Here's why. None of the cupcakes tasted as good as the first one. Oh they were good, but not like the first one. Now a week later, I can really feel the difference.I like this much better than that carbo-overload-on-my-way-to-a-diabetic-coma feeling I had.

That does not mean cupcakes are the enemy. They are not a daily menu item. Instead they are a treat to be savored. This brings me to my next step. Portion control has been a real problem for me. It is what I am going to focus on until I have  conquered it. I will do this by using my portion control plate, and by eating as slowly as possible. Slow slow slow. That's my new way of eating.

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karen said...

It's definitely not easy, Marie! It does sound, though, like you've got some good ideas to go with. Every day I wake up with knowing that the new day is a do-over. Whatever I did or didn't do the day before no longer matters.
I'd love to know more about the portion control plate. I try using smaller plates & bowls to trick myself into eating less ... sometimes ...

gail said...

Hi Marie... My challenge this week is my new job and how much food this place has laying around. I have never seen so much food available. Everyone even has their own snack drawer at their dest too! Geesh. But since its new, I am just not going to start the bad habits. From the beginning I will make sure to deal with this head on. I have gone to the store and I have my baggies of fresh fruits and vegtables ready to snack on during the day. They gave us a huge spill proof mug that I will fill with ice water as soon as I get in. The cafe where we have lunch is a trek for me and I walk so slow, so I dont get much there as I wont have time to eat it. But I have found they have a scoop of tuna on lettuce leaves thats perfect and some protien for the afternoon. So I have my plan and stradegy for the week.
I was up 2 pounds from the trip. I dont think its gone yet, but I am making it a goal for this next week.
I hope to see less of everyone next week. :) (()) gail

Roxie said...

Hi Marie. I think you're doing great, I love that you are very real about what your struggling with and knowing that you'll be able to conquer the portion control habit once and for all!

Marie said...

Hi Karen,
There are several portion control plates on the market.I was tempted to get Slim Line, which has a pretty design, but instead opted for a plate that says what it is. I decided I need a not so subtle reminder. Just google the words "portion control plate" and you'll see them. Marie

lisa said...


I struggle with portion control too. It won't be easy but I've been working on it. I'm also trying to ween myself off carb laden snacks. I like crunchy things! Thanks for the inspiration.

lisa said...


I struggle with portion control too. It won't be easy but I've been working on it. I'm also trying to ween myself off carb laden snacks. I like crunchy things! Thanks for the inspiration.

Donna Coogan, CID said...

Portion control is so easy to lose track of. I mean -- a deck of cards is a serving of protein -- yikes! For me the divided plate concept is the easiest to remember/use. I have a paper plate that I marked with portion sizes. It's my visual guide that I keep on the fridge. It's marked half for veggies and 1/4 for carbs and 1/4 for protein. I don't count fruit bec I try and eat those for snacks. The plate helps me remember every time I open the fridge to stick to the correct portions.

I also save those small plastic Lean Cuisine frozen entree dishes and use those for my lunch. Can't fill them up much, that's for sure!

Have a great week, Marie! ~Donna :)

Susie said...

Hi Marie! I am also thinking of portion control and choices of foods too. Next week I start my new job and I want to plan on having a plan.
Keep up the good work.

Mary Patterson said...

Thanks for your inspiration, Marie! I am desperately working at it, too, so as we encourage each other, it really WILL make a difference!
Mary P