Sunday, May 30, 2010

Every Step I Take

Hello Bloggers,

I hope you have all had a good week. Right now I am in between cars, and I have been walking all over the place. Today will be my second day off this week. I enjoy walking, but my back often tells another story. But I lost another 2 pounds of the 7 that I gained. Only 2 more to get back to where I was before vacation. The price I am paying for those cupcakes is high, but I do remember the lesson I learned. Nothing tastes as good as the first few bites. So less really is more.

 Yesterday, I rediscovered something. I can remember that in high school I never ate breakfast because when I did, I was hungry all day. Now I was in high school 50 years ago. So the low carb craze was, at best, in its infancy. I did not know anything about carbs then, just that cereal in the morning kept me eating all day. Of course when all the low carb plans evolved, I tried them and they worked. While I worked at them.

It has been an ongoing struggle, one that until recently was half-hearted. Even this time, I have strayed more than I wanted to admit. This past week was tough because of the portion control problem. Until yesterday. I saw a 5 minute microwave recipe for low carb bread. I was intrigued so I tried it, and it was not too bad. I made a sandwich with it and I was full after eating only half of it. As the day wore on, I had no cravings for anything AND NO PROBLEMS WITH PORTION CONTROL! So you know what is next, I am going to try a low carb plan once again.  Not sure I will follow a specific plan,  but I think I will just count carbs and see what happens.

Don't forget to visit Roxie's blog. Roxie is an inspiration. If you feel like straying or giving up, reading her posts will recharge you. They are both encouraging and fun to read.

See you next week.


gail said...

Hi,, Thanks for the inspiration again:) I know I really need to work on the carb thing sooo much. I will do better about that this week. Sounds like a great goal to work on. As I mentioned before I have a new job and they love to eat. So far, for some reason, it has not been too tempting. For that I am thankful. I just make sure I have a plan in the morning before I leave the door. It makes it so much easier than letting whatever comes my way happen. Thats an important lesson for me.
Hope to see less of ya next week. ()) gail

Vera said...


I will have to look into your new plan. My plan isn't really working. Well, to be honest, I have no plan.

Chester and his nephew are working on the house today and they looked so hungry! So I made bruschetta. Man, it was good! Now I feel guilty. Chester, at 60, has the body of a man half his age. Actually, men half his age would probably feel lucky to have it! He can't afford to lose weight. It's hard when you have to cook for someone who will NEVER need to diet!

So glad to hear you have lost some of the "cupcake" weight.

Olivia Paige

Patricia said...

I had lost a lot of weight on the low carb diets a couple years ago. Having been browbeaten to distraction over how unhealthy that was I went off it. Weight is back on, blood chemistry is all out of whack, I think that for some of us perhaps this is the only diet that works! I think I may have to give it another go,

Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Roxie said...

Good for you with the walking Marie, I love walking too and wish to do more. I think I'll start taking my dog on walks everyday.
I hear ya about the carbs girl, I've been hooked on the Hungry Girl site!
Love you, we're really doing this ya know? :)

lisa said...

Marie ~

Congratulations! I knew you would lose those couple extra pounds!

I'm still working on portion control but have the water down pat.

Have a great week.

Susie said...

Hi Marie! I like the way you look into new ideas and try them out. I tend to get stuck in old ruts. Today I start a new job and a new routine. I will be eating breakfast before I leave and taking lunch with me. Let's see how day #1 plan is. Stay tuned...

Kath' said...

I found this so interesting. I am the same way. If I eat breakfast I am hungry all day long. I thought I was the only one like that. LOL
Is the microwave bread a reciepe ? Can you let us know how to make it. I am so proud of you for keep on keeping on. Kath'

Donna said...

Good luck with your new low-carb plan, Marie! Those carbs are tricky temptations, that's for sure! Bread makes me bloat terrible. I like low-carb tortilla wraps. I can't remember the brand name I buy, but I just take one low-carb wrap & add some lettuce/tomato/black beans/low-fat cheddar cheese/salsa and, well -- it's really yummy! Have a great week! :)