Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Planning , Portions, and Walking on the Beach

Hello Everybody,
This week's post is up early because I will be in Cape Cod on Monday. . I have been thinking about how to handle the vacation eating. I came up with many plans from 1) no desserts, 2) eat a healthy breakfast and always have salad for lunch, 3) stick with it; you do have a cheat day coming 4) damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead. My final plan is to be mindful of what I am eating, savor the cheat day, do the best I can, and don't beat myself up if I slip. My doctor has told me to walk and not worry about the pace, so I am also hoping to get in a few long walks on the beach as my exercise.   After all, vacations come once a year...unless you are retired and look at every day as a vacation. Hmmm. maybe that's the problem. But enough of that.

Roxie and I decided to talk about portion control this week. That is the bane of my existence. One cookie is never enough.  Did anyone say ice cream? Mamalama! Ice cream is my all time favorite. I am a lifelong protein lover, so I can easily go overboard on what might seem like a healthy food. Okay, so you get the idea.

The portion control problem is not entirely our fault.  Have you ever noticed not just the size of the portions in restaurants, but the size of the plates? One of my favorite restaurants was Ernie's, an Italian restaurant  in Manhattan. The first time I ate there I was astounded by the bowl containing my entree. That bowl was bigger than any serving bowl I have ever seen. It was not brimming to the top or even half full, but the portion was still huge. Ernie's was NOT a family style restaurant where you order portions for 4 or more; it was a single portion restaurant. That was over 15 years ago. Since then restaurant portions have become much worse. The plates in some restaurants are the size of a satellite dish. Maybe even bigger. Imagine being a server and carrying those things around. So what's an overweight girl to do? Well, there are a few things. You can use a handy chart of portions, or even pictures of portions. Or you can try the Portion Plate. It looks like a great idea to me. I am going to order one. The site is also diabetic friendly and even has a very helpful portion quiz. You might also want to check out what the Mayo Clinic says about portions and servings. The bottom line is that you have to work at it. Really really work at it. That is something I am still struggling with. When I am successful, it is because I have reminded myself how much healthier and happier I am when I eat the right thing.

Have a great week. Marie


gail said...

Well, the two things I have going for me are I eat very small portions and drink lots of water. The problem is the great size portions I eat are BAD food. So thats what I am working on changing. I am finding grazing during the day on pre-prepped vegtables and fruit in the fridge is a great way to go for me.
We will have fun on our trip to the Cape. I wish I could be out walking the beach with you so much. I really miss being able to walk any distance.
So, I say, ladies, dont take for granted your ability to walk and get some great exercise in. Go for it, enjoy the fresh air, listen to the rythm of the neighborhood, and its the best alone time. Great for dreaming about your new wardrobe! lol I promise you, you would miss it if you were not able to do it anymore:) (()) gail

Roxie said...

Wow Marie, thanks for the links to WebMD, that was great actually being able to SEE what portions look like. I can see clearly now, my portions are always triple that. Goodness gracious, I have alot of changes to make in this category.
Have fun at the Cape and go on a few walks.
Love you.

Susie said...

Mrie, you knocked me over with "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead". That would be my mind set. My thinking is always that "I want to be like everyone else"...well, guess what? I am not and have to eat accordingly. It is a reality I fight every day. Thanks for your inspiration. You go girl! Enjoy your Cape walks.

oliviapaige said...


Boy is that the truth! American's are brainwashed into thinking the everything should be "Super Sized!" We just don't seem to understand portion control. It is my biggest problem.

And Gail, you are sure right about the ladies not taking for granted their ability to walk and exercise. You don't know what you have until it is gone! I would love to be able to walk without pain again.

Olivia Paige

Donna said...

Great post, Marie! I try to keep my hand in mind w/portion control. It's easy to refer to when I'm eating out or wherever. I hope you are having a fantastic time at the Cape! ~Donna

lisa said...


I struggle with portion control too especially when it comes to pasta. I'm a big fan and clearly don't know when to stop.

I've been drinking lots of water and have to be honest I can tell it's working by my skin.

Hope your having a wonderful time in Cape Cod.

Talk to you later.