Monday, October 5, 2009


I have been thirsty all day. It is because I knew my first step in this process would be to strive to drink more water. I used to drink water a lot. Then Sam came along. Sam was my cat, and he loved water. He loved it so much that I could not set a glass down without him drinking from it. He even drank from the glass when I held it. Sometimes when I used a tall glass, he would almost get his head stuck in the glass trying to get to the water in the bottom. Without fail, he would knock the water over or nudge the glass in my hand until I was soaked. Then I started putting it in a bottle with a cap. He would nudge the bottle until it fell over and became a roly poly toy for him. So I stopped; it became too inconvenient. Well Sam has been in kitty heaven for over two years, and there is no longer an excuse. Good old Sam, unlike me, he never gave up.

I like water. Water is really good for you too. Nothing really is as refreshing. I can even drink it at room temperature. I like it plain, or with a little lemon or orange juice squeezed into it. I love the way it makes my skin look better. That is why I chose it as my first commitment. I am going to give myself three weeks to make drinking water a habit. In his classic work, Psycho-Cybernetics, Dr. Maxwell Maltz claimed that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. However, more recent research claims it takes more like 66 days. That is just over 2 months. Not too bad, but I will try Dr. Maltz' 21 day theory; if at the end of 21 days I am not happily drinking water without giving it a second thought, then I will add another 45 days.

Here is how I plan to do it. I will drink an 8 ounce glass of water when I wake up. Then have one about a half hour before each meal. I recently read that doing that fills you up and that you won't eat as much at your next meal. Here's the change that will probably require the most work on my part; I will drink water instead of snacking! I can already see the calories saved, not to mention the money saved. I am ignoring the few days of misery in the beginning. This would probably not be a good time for my friends to call.

Every glass of water is going to be like one less cupcake for me. I know; it IS a stretch; even I don't eat that many cupcakes...or cookies, or whatever in a day. But I like visualizing a pile of cupcakes going somewhere other than on my hips.

If you would like to join me in this commitment to drink more water, please post. Set your own goals. If you need more information, you can find it here. If you are already drinking 8 or more glasses a day, post your comments or tell us what works for you. Please limit your comments to the subject of water. There will be all sorts of good things on this blog. But for now, it is all about the water.

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Susie said...

Hi Marie! Wonderful blog! Fantastic writing! Now about that water....I love water. It is always my drink of choice. I need it as much as I need air. It hydrates our skin and keeps wrinkles away. Who wouldn't want that? Think of it like a robust plum; take away the moisture and it is a prune!!!! Pass the water please!

gail said...

Hi Marie,,I thought I was the only one with the cat issues,,, I have a Sam times 7! I always have to have a bottle or cup with a lid. They are always trying to drink my water.

I love my water. I always have. Its my drink of choice. So this is an easy challenge for me.

Also, for the record. lol I invented bottled water when I was a kid!! My parents probably should have listened to me. Who would have ever guessed you could get very rich bottling drinking water? We would be on those long family car trips driving all over the west on family vacations and stop at the "filling stations" (lol) Everyone would get a bottle of pop out of the machines. I didnt care for soda, even as a kid, so I was always whining I wanted a bottle of water, which of course didnt exist!
Good luck drinking your water. I hope this is an easy challenge for you. I will stay in touch. (()) gail

Marie said...

Hi Susie,
I am so glad you like the blog. Thanks for your post. Now I know why you have such beautiful skin. Hope to see you soon again.

Marie said...

Thanks Gail,
Loved you water story. I remember those days, the days before bottled water, the days when my friend and I said we would never pay to watch tv. LOL. And now here we are. Even though Sam was a pain with the water, he was a great cat. I still miss him. Have a great day.

Rose said...

Hi Marie! I love your blog!!! I love water too! Nothing satisfies like a cool long drink of water. My problem is even at night and if I get up to go to the bathroom I have to have a drink of water.... silly cycle, aye?
I like Susie's plum/prune thought. Sooo true!
I raise my glass of water to you for starting this blog!!

Cottage Collections said...

I wish I loved water Marie. It's a huge challenge for me but I'm on board! Lets get healthy!

Thanks for getting this started! I look forward to learning right along with you.

Marie said...

Thanks, Rose.

I'm so glad you like the blog. When I thought about adding more water to my routine, I thought about the middle of the night, but decided that I did not want to get up more than I already am. So I totally understand. By the way, it's tasting better and better.

Marie said...

Thanks Joyce,

This really is going to be a learning experience for me. I have decided to take teeny tiny baby steps to make it as painless as possible. Maybe you could take teeny tine sips. :O) Thanks for being here.

Debbie said...

Hi Marie.....this is a great blog and I'm so glad to be a part of it with you and our other fellow water-drinkers. Water is also my drink of choice. When I eat out I order water with a slice of lemon. When I walk I take a bottle of water along. I always have 16 or 20 oz. bottles of water at home and that helps me know how many ounces I'm getting each day. I have to admit that I've been slacking on the water lately though. My goal is to be drinking 64 oz. a day in three weeks.


Patricia said...

I'm with you. Water has not been my drink of choice for many years. Tried to get in the habit a while back and slid right back into my Diet Pepsi routine, I don't know why. So I'm joining up with the gang! I'm going to give it a major try. Thanks, Marie for getting this going.
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