Friday, October 16, 2009

You call THAT Lunch!?

No matter how big the picture is, this meal or snack just does not work for me. Sprinking herbs on it doesn't fool me for a second. I have seen people with bigger toenails than that piece of cheese.  And 1/4 of a slice of a tomato? Puh-leeeze. I would burn more calories watching tv than eating 1/4 of a slice of tomato. In fact my research shows that even a person weighing 200 pounds burns 45 calories when eating for 20 minutes. A 1/4 slice of tomato, depending on its size, is anywhere from 5 to 15 calores. I could give you all kinds of wacko math, but I am not counting anything anymore. No more dieting for me either. And I do know the idea is to burn more calories than one eats. Yes, I know it very well from years of experience dieting, counting, measuring, reading countless books on diets, food plans, and ways of eating. Let's not forget writing down how it made me feel. I call that period of time  The Years of Failure.

The word "DIET"  may evoke images of tiny morsels dressed up to trick us into thinking we are eating gourmet food. Or it may bring lettuce and black coffee  to mind.  All kinds of emotions churn around, emotions that make a person hungry. Very hungry. Because if we are going on a diet, we won't be able to eat the things we love, like the cake, the cookies, the mashed potatoes, and my all-time favorite, the ice cream.

I decided this is all coming to a stop. No more diets. No more counting every bite that goes into my mouth. No more food journals. No more diet book or exercise DVD of the week. Well what then? I've got to do something. I know the answer; at least it is the answer for me. It is not a secret or magic. It is, in a word,


Without change nothing new will ever happen. Without change, everything stays exactly as it is, everything including my hips. Without change, I will have very convenient excuses for eating all of those unhealthy things that will shorten my life.

"We went out; there was nothing healthy on the menu."

 "It's the holidays; we have our family traditions. I just can't do anything between Halloween and Valentine's Day. Make it President's Day. I always make a cherry pie."

"I'm starting Tomorrow, Monday, after vacation, the day after President's Day."

"The kids had a candy sale."

"Mabel baked this for us; we can't throw it away."

"Just one taste, bite, spoonful, handful won't hurt."

I could go on with the excuses. On and on fooling myself. It is easier; it's comforting.  I've made it this far. I feel safe when everything is  the same. So far I have controlled my diabetes most of the time. I could delude myself with that. But that is not what I really want.

 I know three things. One is that change is very very difficult; the second thing I know is that I can change. Finally I know this change will be better in inumerable ways.

 Ironically, this all started with my beloved ice cream. I have always said that I could eat ice cream every day. It is my absolute favorite thing in the world to eat. One day last summer there was a sale at the super market. Buy One Get one! I could not resist. I would prove that I was in control; I would make that ice cream last for weeks, even months. Sure I would. One day it was my lunch. Another day I had 2 helpings. I will spare you the gruesome details. Oddly enough I have not really wanted ice cream since then. I have pretty much eradicated my desire for sweets. That is not to say that I won't go down Candy Lane or Cupcake Boulevard again. I probably will, but I truly believe that it will not trigger a monster sugar fest.

I did one thing differently. I decided to have 1 ounce of semi-sweet chocolate morsels at night while watching tv. The rich decadent morsels melting  slowly and sweetly in my mouth have proved to be very satisfying. Now that dark chocolate is actually healthy, I swear it tastes even better.

So this is my plan: Baby steps. One small change at a time until it seems like something I have always done. It will take time, and there will be days when I struggle. I know that when I get to exercise, it will be extremely difficult. But right now, I am trying to stick to things that I believe I can accomplish.

If you have read this far, thank you for sticking it out. Please share your views. Tell me what works for you.

Marie, who is effortlessly drinking losts of water every day.


lisa said...

Marie ~

I absolutely love your new blog. What a fun way to achieve goals. I wish you nothing but success and promise to drink more water and stop making excuses.


the sassy beach said...

Thanks for sharing, I too gave up the DIETS and have made small changes I cannot give up my ice cream so once a week if I have done my to do list, house is clean, made new items for the store, helped other's at my job that pays the bills then I allow myself a small size of Coldstone's sweet cream. All chocolate that I like is not allowed in my kingdom, everything my DH like in sweets I do not so this does not effect him. so when I sit down in my studio with my ice cream and wine on Saturday night to watch one of my favorite movies not to work more, I take a deep breath, small bites and enjoy yet another week of life.

Kath' said...

Oh My do you have me rolling in laughter. I too love ice cream everyday. I try and put more and more fruit on it all the time so that way its good but I am eating more fruit than ice cream. We have blackberries and blueberries at work and so I make my own. A little ice cream then lots of fruit, a little ice cream and then lots of fruit. My mom came over one day and asked if she could have one of my shakes in my freezer. So when she got home she called me and said " where was the ice cream ?" She was so dissapointed. But try putting less ice cream each time and it still is yummo.. Kath'

Michelle (Shell) May said...

You are one smart lady. You are on the path. You figured it out and yes... you will be successful. Diets never work. Change is what does. It's all in your mind and you did it. You learned it and yes.. you will be successful.
Congratulations my dear friend.

gail said...

Hi Marie... I love this idea.. Change is what it is all about, (like the hokey pokie I I think you have the right idea here. I am trying to make these changes too, it gets a little easier everyday. I am enjoying your new blog, keep it up and I will be sure to follow along! Take care, have a hydrated week :)
Thanks for stopping by my two blogs too. Good luck on the give away :)
Hugs to you,, luv,gail

Carolee Crafts said...

I think this is brilliant Marie and so very true, every time I go on a diet I am starving, when not do not think about it. I agree ban diets.

Shabby Shan said...

I hate Diets too! I know it has to be a lifestyle change, but it is so hard. Everything that tastes good is bad for you. I wish you luck, and I will try to give up those chips and candy.


Tedi said...

Marie, I adore your new blog. I wish I could write like you. I so understand what you are saying - I even had a cat that did the same thing, but not just with water! While diets are great for some, it just isn't the "only" thing about our weight. Being a "round" women and one who could easily do without half of myself - I so understand every single word you wrote.
Hugs, Tedi

Susie said...

Hi Marie! You are a fabulous writer and of course, I love your subject matter. I hear you. Loud and clear. Keep up the great work of speaking honestly and promoting your journey to good health. You inspire me!
The Polka Dot Rose

Debbie said...

Hello Marie...thank you for visiting my Patchouli Rose Designs blog today. I hope you will come back often! I just love your One Cupcake is so "me". I look forward to your next post. :)